6th September 2019

You are no doubt aware that negotiations regarding the UK's exit from the EU continue, and there is uncertainty on whether a deal will be reached or whether a No Deal Brexit could take place. Oxley is therefore continuing to prepare for a No Deal Brexit until we have confirmation that an alternative option has been agreed.

Oxley has been undertaking this planning for some time and we want to assure you that we have done everything possible to prepare, based on the information currently available. We have completed a process of identifying potential risks and implemented plans to mitigate these risks. We have followed the advice of the Aerospace and Defence trade association ADS, who have a useful online information centre available here.

Our planning process has covered the following areas:
  •     Understanding the impact of Brexit on the Oxley Workforce
  •     Assessing our dependence on EU regulatory regimes
  •     Assessing our exposure to customs checks & delays at UK-EU border
  •     Preparing for EU/UK customs compliance & costs

We are continuing to monitor the negotiations and we will respond to any changes accordingly, our number one priority continues to be servicing our customers with the excellent level of support they expect from Oxley.

If you would like to discuss our Brexit planning preparations further, please contact the Oxley team on sales@oxleygroup.com.