EU Exit

January 2021

Britain has now left the EU and the end of the transition period was the 31st December 2020. Oxley planned for the end of the transition for some time and put detailed plans in place to ensure minimal impact on business operations.  

Oxley completed a process of identifying potential risks and implemented plans to mitigate these risks. We have followed the advice of the UK Government and of the Aerospace and Defence trade association, ADS, who have a useful online information centre available. 

Our EU exit planning covered the following areas:

• New arrangements for EU nationals within the Oxley workforce
• Impact on regulatory regimes
• New arrangements for customs checks at UK-EU border
• New arrangements for EU/UK customs compliance
• Legal changes in areas such as contracts, IP and data
• Planning for travel changes within the EU

We have undertaken the detailed checklist issued by the UK Government to ensure all possible risk factors have been considered. We will continue to monitor our operations and deliver any changes required. Our number one priority continues to be servicing our customers with the excellent level of support they expect from Oxley.

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