Land, Air & Sea

Oxley Group applications

Oxley produces high specification LED lighting and electronic components for military, aerospace, rail and industrial applications.

In the aerospace market, Oxley solutions include customized and off the shelf lighting systems and electronic components such as panel lamps, EMI filters and interconnect products for military aircraft, encompassing fixed wing and helicopters. A full range of products are supplied for commercial airplane and business jet manufacturers. Programs featuring Oxley LED lighting products include the Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk, S-92; Canadian Maritime Helicopter CH-148; Canadian CF-18, Boeing C-17, Boeing CH-47, USAF UH-1N, Saab Gripen, Augusta Westlands Lynx, and the UK Tornado.

On land Oxley specializes in visible and covert lighting and components for military vehicles from tanks to special operations vehicles. The lighting range covers both external and internal vehicle lighting, including IR solutions. Land programs utilizing Oxley lights include the MRAP, Buffalo, Cougar, Scout, Foxhound, Jackal and the Mastiff vehicle applications.

Oxley has developed and manufactured LED lighting for military shelters and has a range of products suitable for use in hard and soft walled shelters.

Oxley manufactures a range of high specification products for military naval vessels. This includes ships, submarines, small patrol craft and naval aircraft. Oxley products are fitted onto the Queen Elizabeth-Class Aircraft Carrier, Type 45 Destroyers, Collins-Class Submarines and the Zumwalt-Class Destroyer amongst many others.

The Oxley range of components is utilized across the rail industry, with filters, test points terminals and panel lamps in use in many applications where durability and reliability is key.

Oxley lighting and components are suitable for industrial environments including challenging environments in the nuclear and the oil and gas industry where high performance is required.

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