Military Shelter Lighting

Oxley is a pioneer in the field of LED lighting and the team has vast experience in the provision of solutions for military shelters. Oxley produces a range of products for use in tents and hard-walled shelters such as ground stations, communications centres, storage containers and military field hospitals.

Oxley solutions include the AC Combi light and the EFL flat light; these both incorporate dimming control and a tactical blackout mode.

The Oxley AC Combi light is a high performance area light; it is designed to replace fluorescent tubes and offers maximum power savings. The light requires 30W input and provides 2600 lumens output. The light has a dimming function and optional features to meet all customer requirements from a regular white light to a fully functioning combi light. The unit is specifically designed for mobile shelter and tent applications and meets stringent standards on EMC emissions, and shock & vibration requirements. The light is also available with a battery back-up mode.

The Oxley EFL series offers a high reliability rugged & durable area light, the low profile design is available in a range of size options. The EFL is designed to deliver power savings and improved MTBF over fluorescent tubes and the units can be used as part of an emergency lighting system. The EFL features external dimming control and is available with a secondary green, blue or red option.

The units are designed to be surface or recess mounted for hard shelter applications, or attached via webbing for tent and soft shelter use.


Shelter applications