The new Ajax series of military vehicles are classed as medium weight armoured fighting vehicles, and are highly agile, tracked and provide exceptional protection for military personnel.

Along with the Ajax, which is meant for ground based surveillance and fire control, there are 5 other variants of the same vehicle. The Apollo is for towing damaged vehicles, the Atlas is for repairing damaged vehicles, the Athena is meant as a mobile battlefield headquarters, the Ares delivers and supports specialist troops, and Argus carries specialist engineering equipment.

Ajax Military Vehicle

Main Features

Advanced Modular Armour 

Including mine blast resistant seats and a torsion bar suspension system

Warning Systems

A primary sighting system is complemented by a laser warning system, acoustic detectors and a driver’s periscope


A 40mm stabilised automatic cannon, a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun and 76mm smoke grenade launchers

Enhanced Lighting Systems

The Ajax is equipped with a range of Oxley lighting solutions, including the Gooseneck LED task light, which is ideal in assisting troops in low light conditions. A flexible and rugged design ensures the Gooseneck is vibration and shock proof and particularly reliable when it comes to harsh conditions. The light itself is available as an NVIS solution and has a secondary colour function for tactical operations.

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