Oxley Group data capture

Oxley offers a number of data capture solutions, specifically designed and tested to military standards and suitable for the most demanding of applications, these include e-tags and elapsed time indicators (ETI).




The Oxley e-tag is a field proven automatic identification technology (AIT) for equipment asset management applications. The tags allow users to access information on asset identification, configuration, condition and history.

Oxley e-tags are miniature, rugged, contact memory devices containing up-to 64 k bytes of non-volatile memory, equivalent of up-to 200 pages of text. The tags are housed in small metal cans and require no battery or internal power source to retain data. The devices can be mechanically or adhesively attached to the asset and are interfaced using a probe.


Elapsed Time Indicators (ETI)


Elapsed time indicators (ETI) are designed to enable usage monitoring. The ETI has a number of applications including: equipment warranty; power by the hour measurement; equipment reliability, or for use in maintenance scheduling.

The ETI system utilizes discrete electronic tags containing non-volatile memory which guarantees data retention for ten years un-powered. The devices are rugged and durable and are proven in use on program such as the British Army Challenger II MBT and the RAF Typhoon aircraft.

The system is available in a printed circuit board mounting, intended for embedded applications, or can be wired to an external connector for hours/events interrogation by a hand held reader.

Data logging through ETI use can enable a complete paperless data capture systems to be implemented with readings collected in the field and later uploaded to a PC.