Oxley Group interconnect products

Manufacturers of high performance equipment and those producing PCBs to meet the most stringent standards for critical applications require electronic components and interconnect solutions that offer outstanding quality and reliability. When you can’t afford to fail – Oxley is the obvious choice.

Typical industrial applications for Oxley Interconnect products include high voltage power supplies, critical computer hard drives, fire safety control equipment, medical and pharmaceutical equipment, oil and gas control systems, power generation and distribution equipment, rail and telecommunications infrastructure. Within aerospace and military markets Oxley products are typically found in aircraft, military vehicles, ground base stations, surface ships and submarines and air and ground communications equipment.

Oxley offers a diverse range of surface mount and plated through hole (PTH) products including test points, insulated terminals, test plugs & sockets, printed circuit connectors and the unique Snaplox (ball & socket) connection system.

Oxley has many years’ experience of designing bespoke customer solutions; these products have often then emerged as standard off-the-shelf items available from distribution channels. This process drives innovation, design and manufacturing capability, alongside the provision of sub-contract services for the enhancement of customer-turned parts & plating.

Precision Turned Parts and Plating

Oxley precision-turned components and component assemblies represent a commitment to quality demanded by the most critical applications, backed by more than 70 years’ experience at the highest level.

At its UK manufacturing center Oxley offers a complete in-house design, prototyping, production and plating capability, providing an unparalleled prototype-to-volume production service and rapid turnaround when required.

In-house capabilities include advanced CNC sliding head equipment - from 0.45mm to 20mm capacity with driven tooling.

Oxley plating services embrace a wide range of finishes including gold, silver, tin, tin/lead, palladium, chromate conversion, electroless, anodize, black nickel and watts nickel. Other sub-contract manufacturing and engineering capabilities include rapid prototyping, manufacture-to-print, custom product development and welded, brazed and soldered assemblies in a variety of metals – all backed by advanced industry-proven testing and quality control.

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