Military Vehicle Lighting

Oxley has a comprehensive range of internal and external lighting for military vehicles. The suite offers options in normal visible, NVG compatible, NVG friendly and covert technology. Oxley has experience in both night vision compatible upgrades and the provision of interior cabin lighting.

Oxley LED lights are suitable for all types of military vehicles including APCs (armoured personnel carriers) and logistics vehicles, both in the new build and retrofit market. Oxley lights are proven in use on major vehicle programmes including the Foxhound in the UK, the BvS10, the Husky and the Eagle. Many Oxley lights offer an MTBF in excess of 50,000 providing significant through life cost savings and energy savings when compared to traditional vehicle lights.

Vehicle products from Oxley include electronic components such as LED panel lamps available in a number of configurations to deliver the required colour and voltage and built to tough military standards. EMI filtering solutions from Oxley ensure electromagnetic interference does not affect the performance of the vehicle and communications.

Lighting options include IR driving lights and convoy lights, these enhance the capabilities of a vehicle whilst operated using Night Vision Goggles. The IR light creates a beam at 880nm which illuminates the path in front of the vehicle whilst only having a low NVG signature for covert operations.

Oxley offers a range of cabin lights, the DC combi is available in 3 models offering different levels of functionality and specification. This is a low profile cabin light designed to maximise head room and offer a rugged ‘fit and forget’ solution. This is a white light with an integrated black out mode; suitable for both new build and retro-fit projects.

The Oxley LED Gooseneck is the perfect solution for task lighting when the toughest military standards are required. The light is dimmable and NVIS friendly for use with Night Vision Goggles, the light is sealed to IP54 and is available as a white light with a range of secondary colour options.


Vehicle applications