IR Rifle Sight Evolution

Capability Solution: Every item of field equipment which uses electronic imaging is potentially susceptible to electromagnetic interference. Filter solutions have been available for some time – but Oxley has developed and repeatedly demonstrated the capability to deliver highly effective and robust filter performance for customer requirements and ongoing upgrades meeting demands for smaller and lighter units.

"Working in partnership with the customer, Oxley has developed a customised solution for an infra-red rifle sight over the product lifecycle of more than a decade to meet progressive and evolving requirements.”

Oxley IR rifle sight evolutionOxley originally modified a standard high performance discreet EMI filter by changing the terminals for the battery to make it better integrate with the equipment. The termination on the opposing side of the filter was then also changed, and in successive iterations a pin was placed in the battery terminal, and the overall size of the filter was reduced to help produce a smaller and light IR rifle sight.

The advantages delivered for the customer were reductions in size, weight and power consumption which ultimately extends the battery life and operational capability of the sight. Later changes also enhanced ease of assembly and integration into the sight structure.

Quality Assured: Each iteration of the rifle sight goes through the same lifecycle – with Oxley manufacturing up to 100 design prototypes to undergo exhaustive inhouse testing to satisfy the company’s own test protocols which match or exceed industry standards. Further 500-600 units are manufactured to be proven in the field, before the units move into Oxley’s major manufacturing phase for general equipment issue.

It also has the advantage of being able to offer in-house test facilities to cover the full range of optical, environmental, vibration, mechanical, temperature altitude, waterproofing, humidity and salt spray.


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