Oxley manufacture a wide range of Aircraft Exterior Lighting suitable for both military and commercial aircraft.

To help with maintenance management of aircraft exterior lighting, some of the lighting systems include advanced End-of-Life monitoring functions that provide usage and performance data. Problems with the performance of the light is identified early to that lighting can be replaced.

Oxley offers a set of 17 exterior aircraft lights that can be fixed to the outer body or integrated into the fuselage. They include a High Intensity LED Taxi Light, an LED Wing Tip Lighting, and an LED Tail Light.

High Intensity LED Taxi Light

The Oxley LED High Intensity Taxi Light is designed to assist the aircraft in taxiing before either for take-off or after landing. It has a peak intensity of 42,000cd at an exceptionally low power consumption, meaning that the light is remarkably efficient compared to halogen bulbs. In addition, it has an MTBF of 46,000 hours, which reduces maintenance requirements and improves aircraft availability.

LED Wing Tip Lighting

The wing-tip lighting system is comprised of a navigation and anti-collision light, along with a forward-facing floodlight to assist with the pilot’s visibility. Both the navigation and anti-collision light have an MTBF of 30,000 hours.  The module can be integrated with aircraft power without the need for an additional supply.

LED Tail Light

Like the LED Wing Tip Lighting system, the LED Tail Light is comprised of a navigational light and an anti-collision light in the same module. Both light also have an operational lifespan of 30,000 MTBF, and can be connected to the aircraft power, meaning it does not need a separate power supply.  The light can be housed in a polycarbonate lens assembly.