Component Case Studies

Royal Air Force Jet

IR Rifle Sight Evolution

Oxley rifle sights cases studies

Capability Solution: Every item of field equipment which uses electronic imaging is potentially susceptible to electromagnetic interference. Filter solutions have been available for some time - but Oxley has developed and repeatedly demonstrated the capability to deliver highly effective and robust filter performance for customer requirements and ongoing upgrades meeting demands for smaller and lighter units.

"Working in partnership with the customer, Oxley has developed a customised solution for an infra-red rifle sight over the product lifecycle of more than a decade to meet progressive and evolving requirements."

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Life Cycle Management

Oxley materials case studies

Safeguarding customers from the catastrophic and costly effects of vital approved components or materials becoming obsolete or unavailable is a challenge with which Oxley is intimately familiar through its long association with military markets.

The long service life of military equipment - from design concept through to retirement - often involves a platform evolving to take advantage of upgrades and technology advances. But that time-span can also see suppliers closing down or ceasing to manufacture certain components. More recently specification changes forced through RoHS* or REACH** also present a major problem for maintaining supply chains and ensuring continued operational capability.

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Challenging Obsolescence

Oxley array case studies

Oxley has many years' experience of working within the military market, this includes working in partnership with customers to protect them from the impact ofobsolescence.

Oxley had a requirement for filters as part of the system for locating hostile artillery fire through sound ranging arrays which use microphone clusters to precisely mark enemy positions. The required filters were no longer manufactured, and the original materials were no longer available. Oxley re-engineered the filter - developing, testing and qualifying the solution to restore stability to the supply chain and guarantee the operational integrity of the system.

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Bespoke EMC Filter Solution for 'Black Box' Flight Data Recorder

Oxley black box case studies

Technology Solution: The manufacturers of components for a 'black box' flight data recorder required an EMI filter solution including planar filtering and Transient Voltage Suppression, to prevent disruption or degradation of system communications across the aircraft's electrical infrastructure.

Oxley designed the filter performance around the customer requirements to the highest standards, but was also able to employ its in-house design and engineering resources to configure the metalwork and connectors. This ensured the filter integrated seamlessly with customer systems within the envelope of the flight data recorder for 'plug and play' functionality.

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