LED Panel Mount Indicators

Oxley Group lamp listingsPanel Mount Indicator Lamps & Panel Mount RGB LEDs

Oxley panel mount LED indicators combine the latest in technology with proven mechanical and optical expertise to provide a wide range of products designed for the most demanding of industrial and military applications.

Oxley-designed rugged LED panel indicator lamps with ingress protection up to IP68 have successfully met the toughest applications for more than 40 years. The unique ‘modular’ design allows a wide range of colours and options to be incorporated into the lamp, including EMI filter shielding, night vision lighting compatibility and sunlight viewing capability.

They deliver high reliability with MTBF in excess of 90,000 hours and complete ‘fit for function’ practicality, providing a cost efficient solution that combines optical performance with a wide range of termination and voltage options.

‘Plug and Play’ Incandescent Bulb Replacement

Oxley LED bulb replacements are multi-voltage and incorporate the latest in single chip and surface mount technology, and are suitable for a wide range of uses including push button switches, mimic panels, rail, automotive, military and aerospace applications.

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