Oxley design and manufacture a range of landing lights that are integral to the landing sequence of a huge range of aircraft used for commercial and military purposes. The range includes LED Bulb Replacements such as the PAR 64 Bulb, the High Intensity LED Landing Light and a Dual Mode Landing Light.

PAR 64 Bulb

An incredibly efficient product, the PMA approved PAR 64 LED Bulb Replacement is used in both commercial and military applications. It promises a long operational lifespan with an MTBF of 23,000 hours and a 5 year warranty. The light delivers through life costs savings through reduced maintenance cycles and helps airlines to deliver improved dispatch rates.

One of the best features of the PAR 64 is that the bulbs do not need to be replaced, as the use of LEDs are employed to ensure functionality and efficiency. This use of LEDs also means that the bulb has reduced power consumption compared to a traditional bulb.

High Intensity LED Landing Light

This light is not only high in intensity but also high in reliability and efficiency. The High Intensity LED Landing Light offers a peak intensity of 400,000cd (cd refers to Candela, which is the unit of measurement for visible light) and has an MTBF of 27,000 hours.

The unit offers excellent resistance to shock and vibration. Like its counterparts, there is no requirement to replace the bulbs given the use of LEDs, which significantly reduces maintenance costs.

Dual Mode Landing Light

Another landing light specifically designed for military applications is the Dual Mode Landing Light, named as such as it can switch between visible and covert modes from the cockpit. The visible and covert modes enable landing and taxiing both using full illumination or when flying on covert operations using Night Vision Goggles.

In addition, the unit offers an MTBF of over 13,000 hours and a peak intensity of 200,000cd making it an extremely reliable and effective product for use in the field. Complete with a toughened borofloat glass lens that offers excellent resistance to shock and vibration.