UAV Lighting Systems

Oxley has many years’ experience in the aerospace market, designing lighting for such as fast jets and cargo planes. Over recent years this has been extended to cover UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). Oxley produces a range of electronic components and LED lighting solutions for UAVs and drones for air forces across the globe.

UAV solutions include external lighting systems, such as navigation lighting and anti-collision lighting. The Oxley range of electronic components is also suitable for use on UAVs and our range of EMI filters provides high specification customised filtering options for the harsh environments these aircraft operate within.

The Oxley aircraft navigation lights are designed for applications where size, weight and reliability are key factors. The suite consists of two navigation lights and a tail light; all high specification and proven in use. The lights are FAR compliant and qualified for harsh operating environments.

The Oxley anti-collision light is designed to replace conventional strobe based lighting and is proven in use on a UAV. The lights are suitable for an installation where weight, reliability and cost savings are key requirements. The lights are fitted with a simple connector and four screws and no power supply is required, making them a suitable retrofit option. The lights are designed for use in pairs, one above and one below the aircraft. The anti-collision light meets FAR/JAR regulations and provides a superior option to a strobe light as it is lighter, brighter, robust and more reliable.