Vehicle lighting products

Oxley pioneered the development of external infra-red driving lights for military vehicles and now has a full range of both internal and external solutions. The range includes visible and IR options and is suitable for all types of military vehicle, from heavily armoured tanks to logistics vehicles.

The lights are designed for both the retrofit and new build market and include normal visible, NVG Compatible, NVG Friendly and Covert technology. Solutions include infra-red (IR) external lights and low profile interior cabin lighting and task lighting.

All products are designed for the toughest military environments and offer a high MTBF, outstanding durability and EMC performance.

Oxley has extensive experience in this area and the team works with 12 of the world's largest military vehicle manufacturers including BAE Systems, General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin.

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Task Lights ▾


Gooseneck View Product

Gooseneck Series 2

Gooseneck Series 2 View Product

Covert Lights ▾

IR Covert Convoy / Brake Light

IR Covert Convoy / Brake Light View Product

IR Driving Light

IR Driving Light View Product

Vehicle Cabin Lights ▾

DC Combi

DC Combi View Product

Mini-floodlight (Visible & NVIS)

Mini-floodlight (Visible & NVIS) View Product

Vehicle Searchlights ▾

Compact LED Searchlight

Compact LED Searchlight View Product

LED Searchlight

LED Searchlight View Product