Submarine Lighting

Oxley produces a range of submarine lighting; this features compartment lighting, area lighting and emergency lighting systems.

The Oxley compartment lights are specifically designed and built for the unique environment of a submarine; offering special features such as high IP rating, battery back-up and explosion proof enclosures. The marine lighting is also designed with optical characteristics that can help to reduce fatigue and can be used tactically to switch from day to night mode enabling the crew to retain sleep patterns. The units have inbuilt intelligent heat management software to protect them in the event of excessive ambient heat. The thermal dynamics ensure the LEDs are protected and operate at the optimum level, thereby ensuring performance.

The compartment lights are a good fit and forget option with an MTBF of up to 50,000 hours and there is no requirement for carrying and disposing of spare tubes. The units are designed as direct replacements for 8, 18 and 36 watt fluorescent units. The lights have been designed with a low power requirement, just one third of the requirement of fluorescent lights, an important consideration on diesel-electric submarines.

Oxley also offers a range of other products suitable for use on a submarine; this includes LED switch bulb replacements, LED panel lamps, a full range of EMC filters, mini floodlights and the Oxley Gooseneck task light.