Armoured Vehicle

Armoured Vehicle Lighting

Oxley designs and manufactures a range of rugged LED lighting suitable for use on armoured vehicles including Infantry fighting vehicles and multi-role combat vehicles. Oxley provides visible lighting as well as technology for covert operations such as NVG compatible and Infra-red lighting suitable for use on wheeled and tracked vehicles.

Oxley solutions include driving lights and interior and task lighting as well as panel lamps, data capture and EMI filters. The lights are proven in use on armoured vehicle programmes across the globe including the new Ajax programme as well as the Piranha, the Mastiff, the Eagle, the Wolfhound and the Cougar.

Oxley pioneered the development of infra-red driving lights for military vehicles; the units are designed for both the retrofit and new build market. The lights utilise IR diodes which created a beam for use in conjunction with military night vision gogglesThe units operate at 880nm and offer a robust, reliable and lightweight unit which is sealed to IP67.

The Oxley DC Combi light is a high specification LED light designed to offer a main, blackout and emergency mode in one unit. In areas with limited space, such as the cab and the turret the low profile design of the Oxley DC Combi increases the available headroom and minimises heat providing a better working environment.

The Gooseneck task light is a flexible necked light available in an NVIS friendly variant, it is dimmable and sealed to IP54 and available in variety of configurations including a straight or an angled head. The primary mode of the light is white but it has a secondary colour mode of red, blue or green.


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