Oxley naval lighting

Oxley marine lighting products are proven in-service on warships, fast patrol boats and submarines. The comprehensive range of marine LED lighting includes a full suite of navigation lights, flight deck landing lights, visual landing aids, and compartment lighting from control rooms and propulsion areas to passageways and mess areas.

Reliable Marine Lighting from Oxley Group

The Oxley naval lighting range offers high reliability for the most demanding environments with high sealing and the ability to meet the most stringent EMC standards. Where required, the lights are NVG friendly or NVG compatible to allow for multiple platform inter-operability with aircraft flying whilst using military night vision goggles. Oxley also produces explosion proof marine lighting designed specifically for battery or engine compartments.

Oxley was a pioneer of marine LED lighting; the team modified the Invincible Class Aircraft Carriers with LED bulb replacements to provide NVIS friendly capability. Oxley went on to design a range of statutory navigation lighting for the Queen Elizabeth-Class Aircraft Carriers, this is suitable for any vessel over 50 metres and has wheel mark approval. The lights are robust, low maintenance and incorporate smart health monitoring that integrates with the ship's platform management system.

Submarine Lighting Available

In addition to our marine lighting, Oxley also have a range of submarine lighting available; this features compartment lighting, area lighting and emergency lighting systems. The lights are designed and manufactured specifically for a submarine environment, offering a long operational life of up to 50,000 hours, advanced shock survival, low profile housing and advanced illumination characteristics which reduce fatigue. The range has been designed to deliver a significant reduction in power requirement - a vital consideration for diesel-electric submarines where power is a finite resource in high demand.

Naval Compartment Lights ▾

EFL Series for Naval & Military Applications

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Internal Submarine Lights

Internal Submarine Lights View Product

Mini-floodlight (Visible & NVIS)

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Naval Navigation Lights ▾

Marine Navigation Light

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Helicopter Approach Lights ▾

Deck Edge Light

Deck Edge Light View Product

Deck Status Light

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Deck Wash Light

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Line Up Light

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