Pick n Mix 2021 Terms and Conditions 

- MOQ for each variant must be adhered to
- MOV to be adhered to 
- Interconnect variants included in this promotion are SMOX, Snale Pins, Kinky Pins and Snaplox
- All items ordered are to be taken in one delivery for as soon as possible 
- 'Pick n Mix 2021' to be displayed on Purchase Orders in order to qualify for the promotion
- To work out the correct price break to use, please add the quantity of all qualifying interconnect together to determine the price break. Use the lowest price but different finishes cannot be mixed. For example, if you were to order x500 B2030SO/BF.TL (030/SO/BF TIN LEAD), x5000 B2050LT.TL (050/LT/B2 TIN LEAD) and x1000 B2030SO.TL (030/SO/B2 TIN LEAD) the total quantity of is 6500, therefore the base price you use when determining the base price on all barb cone locks is the 5000 piece price break. The product range cannot be mixed. 
- Oxley Distributors only
- Valid from 1st September to 30th September 2021

For any further questions you may have please call us on 01229 483 243.