Oxley has created lighting solutions that fulfil a wide variety of purposes, including the requirement for military personnel to use a searchlight in low light conditions. Our searchlight products are rugged, reliable and since they are based on LED technology, do not need a lot of maintenance, as the bulbs do not need to be replaced.

The LED Searchlight comes in a regular and compact version, and is ideal for use by ground troops who either require vehicle mounted lighting, or a product that can be set up close to a vehicle to provide illumination for a specific area.

Compact LED Searchlight

Weighing just 1.4kg, the Compact LED Searchlight is designed to be mounted on a military vehicle and adjusted from there when needed. It emits a white light with a peak intensity of 152,000cd, through a lens of toughened borosilicate glass. You are left with a high performing product that, with its excellent resistance to shock and vibration, is ideal for use by military personnel.

LED Searchlight

The full-size LED Searchlight has over double the peak intensity of the compact version, at 325,000cd and has the added benefit of being able to be mounted on a vehicle, or on a tripod and positioned away from the vehicle. This versatility allows for military personnel to use the product as they see fit in many different situations, making the most of the resistance to shock and vibration and rugged outer casing when moving the product is required.