Supply of Critical Components

September 2022 

There is currently a global shortage of semiconductors (chips), the shortage started in 2020 triggered by the Covid pandemic and China / United States trade sanctions. Whilst there are plans in place to resolve this issue in the long term, there is a major short-term impact on the electronics industry and on supply chains across the world with disruptions expected to last 2 years.This crisis has deepened due to shipping backlogs and the impact of the war in Ukraine which has resulted in wider shortages of electronics, components and metals.

Oxley is committed to meeting customer requirements and has taken the following steps to mitigate against issues caused by this supply crisis:

·Forecasting future demand and strategically buying stock
·Working with partners to secure the earliest available lead times
·Risk monitoring across our supply chain on key projects
·Reviewing our semiconductor sourcing strategy to eliminate dependency on single-source purchasing
·Monitoring of pricing on key components
·Working closely with our supply chain to gain insight into issues and enable us to respond to sudden shifts in demand more effectively
·Remaining vigilant to the risk of counterfeit goods and maintaining rigorous purchasing procedures

Despite these actions Oxley is still facing some delays in supply, where this occurs, the team will work with customers to review strategies for securing stock and amend delivery dates as required.

We would recommend placing your future product demands with Oxley as soon as possible. This will ensure we understand your delivery requirements while placing orders within our supply chain.