10mm Low Profile/Prominent Lens OXL/CLH/100

10mm Low Profile/Prominent Lens OXL/CLH/100



  • 10mm mounting
  • 80° or 100° viewing angle


  • IP66 sealed
  • -40°C to +85°C operating and storage temp
  • Aluminium black nickel body


  • Full colour range with lens options
  • Voltage and current options
  • Customer specials on request

Technical Information

Terminations - Flying Leads Copper Wire PVC Insulation/Spills, Iron Alloy Silver Plated
Body - Aluminium Alloy, Black Nickel Finish
Lens - Coloured Polycarbonate, Optional Clear Lens
Nut - Aluminium Alloy
Washer - BeCu. Tin Plated
Chassis Thickness - 1.5mm (0.059°) min
Mounting Hole - 10.15mm ° 0.1
Recommended Mounting - Torque 1Nm (0.74lbft)
Mean Time Before Failure - 90,000 Hours