8mm Panel Sealed PS/LH/8 SS

8mm Panel Sealed PS/LH/8 SS



8mm mounting
60° or 100° viewing angle
Short body length, ideal when space is critical

Full colour range with lens options
Customer specials available on request

Panel sealed to IP68
Glass and Stainless steel construction
-40° to 85°C operating temp
-55° to 100°C storage temp
-Suitable for external application
-Rugged construction

Technical Information

Terminations - Copper Alloy, Silver Plated
Shroud - Stainless steel
Lens - Glass
Body and Nut - Stainless steel (grade 303, for Marine 316 stainless steel please enquire to the Oxley sale office)
Washer - BeCu. Tin Plated
Sealing Ring - PTFE
Chassis Thickness - 3mm (0.118°) max
Mounting Hole - 8mm + 0.1
Recommended Mounting - Torque 1Nm (0.74lbf.ft)
Mean Time Before Failure - 90,000 Hours