Bayonet Bulb Replacements ELED/BA9s

Bayonet Bulb Replacements ELED/BA9s



  • IP66 sealed
  • 100,000 hours mean time between failure


  • Minimum strike up voltage 8vdc/vac
  • Latest LED lighting technology
  • Replaces standard BA9 and E10 incandescent bulbs


  • Multi-voltage operating range 12V to 60V
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Bi-polar

Technical Information


  • Bipolar Centre Contact


  • Black Aceta


  • Metal

Max Current Draw

  • 20mA Typical

Input Voltage

  • 12V to 60V AC to DC

Viewing Angle

  • 120° Typical

Further Details

These bipolar LEDs have been designed to replace standard BA9 and E10 incandescent bulbs in push button switches and panel instrumentation.

With advances in LED technology, the required levels of illumination to replace incandescent light sources are now achievable. Oxley have used the latest surface mount LED technology in order to create an even spread of illumination.

This, along with the introduction of warm white, ensures - true and even - behind panel illumination and eliminates the hot spotting often associated with earlier LEDs.