• Low contact resistance
  • Unique retention mechanism
  • Adaptable - can be sold loose or on tape and reel 
SMOX is a unique select on test terminal which provides accurate line tests in PCB assembly. Supplied loose or on tape and reel for ease of assembly, its unique retention mechanism enhances reliability through low stress contact.  
Due to the unique nature of the SMOX connection system, it represents the only surface mount ball and socket test point available on the market with a specially designed socket for easy low contact resistance and gentle detachment. Requiring a minimum pad size of only two millimetres (0.080"), and being a single pole device, the SMOX can be placed accurately by any pick and place machine in even the most congested designs.

All silver, gold and palladium plated parts are ROHS compliant.

Further Details

Which pick and place machines can place the SMOX? 
Any machine manufactured by the major suppliers can be used. Examples include (642E, 652C), Mydata (TP9, TP11), Quad (Q5X) and Panasonic. 


What speed can the SMOX be placed at? 
Trials show that with the multi-head/nozzle machines (i.e. Fuji 642E), the SMOX can be placed at up to 40,000 components per hour. 


How can I pick up the SMOX? 
There is no consensus on this subject. Some customers prefer to pick up on the ball, to increase the speed of pick-up, while others prefer the security of the flat shoulder. 


What size nozzle do I use? 
It is recommended that a nozzle with an internal diameter of 0.9mm + 0.05 be used when picking up on the ball and a nozzle with a minimum internal diameter of 1.1mm when picking up on the shoulder. 


What guarantees are there that the component is picked up correctly?
A custom designed pocket is used to ensure the SMOX stays in the vertical position. The machine's camera vision system checks for pick-up accuracy. 


What size and shape of solder pads are recommended?
Any square or round pad with a minimum width (or diameter) of 2mm. 


Does the SMOX on tape and reel allow for successful high volume placing?
Yes. Trials at speeds of up to 0.0945 seconds each (40,000 components per hour) have shown successful placement rates of up to 99.95%. 


Does the design of the SMOX allow for successful reflow soldering?
Due to the chamfered base on the low profile SMOX, the solder wicks up the chamfer allowing a good fillet to be formed. 


How does the socket help the SMOX connection system?
The innovative design of the socket spill enables the socket to detach with minimal force if the cable is caught accidentally. Thus, there is no risk of damage to the PCB.