Conflict in Ukraine

The recent invasion of Ukraine and the current conflict is creating economic impacts across the globe. Whilst it is currently difficult to predict the duration and severity of the crisis, it is expected that all businesses will face some level of disruption and impact.

Oxley has completed a process of identifying potential risks and is implementing plans to mitigate these risks. We have followed the advice of the UK Government and of the Aerospace and Defence trade associations.

Our planning and mitigation has covered the following areas:

-Review of cyber security arrangements
-Maintaining awareness of Export Licensing implications
-Review of critical supply chain for key materials
-Monitoring of logistical arrangements for the transportation of goods
-Maintaining awareness of financial implications including the impact of inflation
-Review of Oxley’s ability to respond to urgent operational requirements
-Review of travel policy in regard to areas of concern

Oxley does not export products to Russia or Belarus and we will stop supply of any parts if we discover they are being moved into sanctioned areas.

Oxley stands in solidarity with Ukraine and has signed the Ukraine Compact to show support for Ukraine to come back stronger, as a modern, innovative, green economy.  

We will continue to monitor our operations and respond to issues as they arise. Our number one priority continues to be servicing our customers with the excellent level of support they expect from Oxley.

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