Navigational Lights from Oxley

Lighting systems perform all kinds of vital functions aboard land, sea and air vehicles, which differ in functionality and design, depending on the environment they need to perform in. Navigational lighting is required in most circumstances to ensure safe passage of these vehicles through challenging weather conditions, and can also be used in a visible or covert way, depending on the vehicle being used for commercial or military applications.

Oxley manufacture a range of products that are specifically designed for use on Naval or Marine Vessels and Commercial or Military Aircraft.

Naval/Marine Vessels

The main requirements for a Naval or Marine lighting system is that it is robust, easy to maintain using LEDs and sealed to IP67 so that it is completely impervious to water. Oxley usually manufacturing these lights for vessels that are over 50 metres in length, and require advanced systems in order to operate effectively.

The type of products include a Masthead, a Side Light, a Stern and an Anchor, for use on various parts of a vessel and performing various tasks that are vital to the operation of a vessel in challenging conditions.

Commercial/Military Aircraft

Aircraft lighting is crucial for visibility in the air, especially when it comes to the safe passage of a commercial aircraft. On the other hand, military aircraft often require lighting systems that have covert capabilities, and are subsequently night vision compatible.

Commercial aircraft often require lights positioned on the wingtips and tail, as well as a ground recognition light for clear visibility to help ground crews. Military aircraft on the other hand, normally require Position lights that will allow ground crews to either see the aircraft easily, or covertly view the aircraft using military night vision goggles.

Naval Compartment Lights ▾

EFL Series for Naval & Military Applications

EFL Series for Naval & Military Applications View Product

Internal Submarine Lights

Internal Submarine Lights View Product

Mini-floodlight (Visible & NVIS)

Mini-floodlight (Visible & NVIS) View Product

Naval Navigation Lights ▾

Marine Navigation Light

Marine Navigation Light View Product

Helicopter Approach Lights ▾

Deck Edge Light

Deck Edge Light View Product

Deck Status Light

Deck Status Light View Product

Deck Wash Light

Deck Wash Light View Product

Line Up Light

Line Up Light View Product