High Temperature Surface Mount Test Points 'SMOX'

26th February 2015

SMOX Connection

The Oxley SMOX product is a unique test terminal which provides accurate line tests in PCB assembly. Choosing SMOX enables customers to benefit from the following features:

The HT (high temperature) range is specifically designed for use with RoHS compliant lead-free solders, for example 96S (re-flow at 220°C or 428°F ).

Supplied loose or on tape and reel for ease of assembly, its unique retention mechanism enhances reliability through low stress contact.  

Due to the unique nature of the SMOX connection system, it represents the only surface mount ball and socket test point available with a specially designed socket for easy low contact resistance.

Requiring a minimum pad size of only 2 millimetres (0.080”), and being a single pole device, the SMOX can be placed accurately by any pick and place machine or by hand assembly.

The HT SMOX product is a stock item that can be supplied with a rapid turnaround to fulfil the most urgent of requirements.  

Oxley is an established leader in the design and production of high specification interconnect products for the most challenging of applications. 

For your free sample of Oxley HT SMOX please contact us by clicking here. These will supplied mounted onto a PCB board along with a mating half to allow you to test the product in situ.