Oxley Developments appoints new maritime representative for Australia

22nd August 2013

Peter Cotterill, Managing Director of Oxley Developments of Ulverston, Cumbria UK announced today the appointment of Mather Roach Consulting Pty Ltd to represent them in the maritime business market in Australia and New Zealand.

Oxley is a leading designer and manufacturer of LED lighting, night vision solutions and electronic components. Established in 1942, Oxley is an innovator in night vision and LED lighting for naval and marine platforms. Oxley solutions are currently enhancing the performance of ships, fast patrol boats, hovercraft, submarines and naval aircraft across the world.

The latest advancement from Oxley is a range of LED Navigation Lights, specifically developed for vessels over 50 metres. The suite contains a full set of wheel-marked robust and low maintenance lights with options available in both AC and DC variants. The lights are NVG friendly and therefore suitable for use with aircraft flying on night vision goggles, all lights are sealed to IP67 and meet stringent EMC requirements.

Oxley manufactures lighting solutions for all naval requirements, including flight deck, navigation, compartment, bridge, deck head, control rooms and walkways.

Welcoming the news of the appointment, Chris Mather, of Mather Roach Consulting commented: "My business partner CDRE Terence Roach AM RAN rtd and I are delighted to join the Oxley team in offering this outstanding range of LED lighting and night vision solutions to the Royal Australian Navy and to other maritime users.???