Oxley Exhibiting at the Virtual NBAA (VBACE)

30th November 2020

Oxley is proud to be exhibiting at the Virtual NBAA (VBACE) exhibition from December 2nd-3rd 2020. The two-day event is free for members to attend and will include over 200 virtual 3D exhibit booths, two keynotes, press conferences, education sessions and more. The aim to is bring industry and all business aviation buyers together despite the limitations of 2020.

Oxley will be using the exhibition to showcase their solutions which are suitable for use on both private jets and larger commercial aircraft. The business jet range comprises of a full suite of external LED lighting offering high reliability and substantial improvements on MTBF rates over existing technology. The full suite of Oxley LED lights includes landing lights, high intensity taxi lights, an ultra-low profile ground recognition light, navigation and anti-collision lighting as well as wheel well, ice inspection and logo lights, pylon lights, entry door and over/under wing emergency egress lights, and service panel lighting. Smart technology is integrated into the lighting assemblies with visible and discrete EOL (end of life) feedback to enable predictive maintenance so as to prevent unscheduled maintenance that could inhibit aircraft dispatch times. This system utilises Oxley designed software that is qualified to RTCA/DO-178B DAL C.

Oxley products are in use on the Gulfstream G500 and G600, Oxley is providing all external lighting on the two aircraft types, the comprehensive suite of lighting solutions outperform existing technology at every level to deliver improved reliability and substantially reduce through-life costs.

To attend the event and find out more about our products register by clicking here.