Product Spotlight: Vehicle Searchlight

14th September 2016

Vehicle Searchlight
Military vehicles need a whole range of lighting solutions in order to perform effectively during night time operations. The lights are required to not only function reliably, but also to be resistant to shock and vibration, as well as being rugged enough to work in a harsh battlefield environment.
One example of a robust lighting solution created by Oxley especially for military vehicles, is the LED Searchlight. This equipment is an excellent addition to any vehicle providing the ability to illuminate an area effectively, and assisting soldiers in night time operations.
Below we have outlined the main features of the LED Searchlight and the various ways it can be used. 

Main Uses

The LED Searchlight is versatile in that it can be mounted to the external chassis of a military vehicle, or alternatively it can be mounted on a tripod and deployed away from the vehicle. This means that users have the option of illuminating an area of their choosing and do not necessarily have to move the vehicle in order to light up a specific space. Additionally, the searchlight’s clamping system means it has a 360-degree rotation so it can be easily manoeuvred into an exact position. 

Main Features

One of the most important features of the LED Searchlight is the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) which is in excess of 50,000 hours; a reliable piece of equipment that won’t require new bulbs. 
  • Lightweight - only 2.2kg
  • Peak Intensity - 325,000cd
  • Power Consumption - 115W max
  • Extension - 750mm min / 1600mm max
  • Operating Temperature -46° to +55°C
  • Storage Temperature -46° to +90°C 


Alongside being a relatively lightweight piece of equipment, which allows for enhanced mobility and versatility of the product, the LED Searchlight has also got a number of additional benefits that make it a preferable choice for military vehicles. It is designed specifically for use by military personnel, so manufacturing needs to take into account tough military and defence standards in terms of operation and reliability and it is an incredibly bright light with a peak intensity of 325,000cd.
The other useful benefit of the product is the fact that there is no requirement to replace bulbs. This cuts down on maintenance and means that the LED Searchlight will simply work without having to be constantly repaired in its lifetime.
For more information regarding the Oxley LED Searchlight, please have a look at the product page here. If you would like to make an enquiry about this product or any other Oxley lighting system, head over to the contact us page here.