Cockpit Utility Light

Cockpit Utility Light


• Voltage: 28V DC
• Weight: 230g
• Colour: NVIS White to Mil-Std-3009
• Temperature: Storage         -55°C to +90°C
                        Operating      -40°C to +70°C
• Power consumption: 80mA @ 28V DC
• Dimmer: Rotary potentiometer with press to bright function
• Test Specification: RTCA DO160E & DEF STAN 00-35  


• Excellent resistance to shock and vibration
• Rugged, reliable, durable
• Through life cost savings over fluorescent / incandescent
• Fit and forget solution

Further Details 

Primarily designed to be used as a task / map reading light, the Oxley cockpit utility light can be used without compromising NVG operational flight safety. The lights are a small, lightweight, LED lighting solution for new build and retrofit applications. Combining the functions of a fixed spot or floodlight and, when snapped out of the socket, a portable hand torch. Local dimming controls regulate the brightness of the lamp and give an 'OFF' position.

The benefits of LED technology far outweigh that of incandescent technology. The requirement to store, replace and dispose of bulbs is eliminated, maintenance time is reduced and it provides significant through life cost and energy savings.
Oxley has pioneered the development of high intensity LED technology for the stringent needs of military and defence platforms worldwide.