DC Combi

DC Combi


  • Low profile LED light - 16mm
  • Dual mode - main and blackout lighting
  • White light with red, green or blue blackout mode
  • Lightweight - 300g
  • 50,000 hours mean time between failure
  • Available with or without dimming control
  • Sealed low energy light source


  • Excellent resistance to shock and vibration
  • High reliability and durability
  • No requirement to replace tubes or bulbs
  • Through-life cost savings over fluorescent and incandescent
  • 1/3 of the power requirement for equivalent incandescent lights

Further Details

Oxley has developed a range of low profile LED lighting to satisfy a variety of requirements for robust, reliable and high performance lighting systems. The DC Combi light is ideal for new build and retro-fit projects. Unique in its design, it delivers white light plus an integrated blackout mode in a choice of colours.

In areas with limited space, the low profile design increases the available headroom. LED technology makes this a fit and forget solution, reducing overall costs through extended working life - on average 5x (typically 50,000 hours) including replacement, maintenance, disposal and labour costs.

The requirement for surplus space to store replacement and used bulbs is eliminated, whilst the absence of mercury satisfies the environmental issue, providing a non-hazardous solution.

The DC Combi light was originally designed for military vehicle lighting and is also suitable for military shelter lighting, temporary work space lighting and naval / marine lighting.