Deck Edge Light

Deck Edge Light Deck Edge Light


  • Oxley NVG Friendly
  • 18 – 32V dc input
  • Sealed to IP66
  • Low profile
  • Withstands 6900 kN/m² normal vertical load
  • Non-slip paint finish
  • Dimmable PWM or DC input
  • Stainless steel 316 body
  • STANAG 1445 compliant


  • Extremely robust for marine and military environments
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Rugged, reliable LED lighting technology
  • Reduced through life cost and maintenance


  • Naval and marine platforms
  • Flight decks and heli-decks / pads
  • Deployable military runways

Further Details

The deck edge light features an omni-directional green or amber LED light source to mark the edge of the flight deck and extent of the landing area for pilots and crew.

The typical peak intensity is 15 candela. The azimuth beam width is 360° and the elevation beam width is 90°. Dimming control provides continuous adjustment from 8V to 18V; less than 5V is off and greater than 18V is full brightness. Weight 3kg typical.

The light is night vision lighting friendly and therefore suitable for use with aircraft being piloted using night vision goggles.