Line Up Light

Line Up Light Line Up Light


  • Oxley NVG Friendly
  • 18 – 32V dc input
  • Sealed to IP66
  • Low profile
  • Withstands 6900 kN/m² normal vertical load
  • Non-slip paint finish
  • Dimmable PWM or DC input
  • Stainless steel 316 body
  • STANAG 1445 compliant


  • Extremely robust for marine and military environments
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Rugged, reliable LED technology
  • Reduced through life cost and maintenance


  • Naval and marine platforms
  • Flight decks and heli-decks/pads
  • Deployable military runways

Further Details

The LED Line Up Light is a uni-directional white LED light source which marks the centreline of the runway for pilots of approaching aircraft.

The typical peak intensity is 40 candela. The beam width is 40° FWHM in azimuth and 0° to 25° in elevation. Dimming control provides continuous adjustment from 8V to 18V; less than 5V is off and greater than 18V is full brightness. The light is NVG friendly and therefore suitable for use with aircraft being piloted using night vision goggles.