Marine Navigation Light

Marine Navigation Light


The range of Oxley LED marine navigation lights has been specifically developed for vessels over 50 metres. The suite contains a full ships set of navigation lights with options available in both AC and DC variants, all statutory lights have completed Lloyds register wheel marking certification.

The lights are robust and low maintenance, they don’t require replacement bulbs and the DC variants have a built in health check system to enable the bridge team on the vessel to identify if a light is non-operational. The light housing is robust and compact. 

The lights are night vision lighting friendly and therefore suitable for use with aircraft flying on night vision goggles. All lights are sealed to IP67 and meet stringent EMC requirements; the DC variants are fully tested to Def Stan 59-411. Please click here to view the approvals.    

Further Details

Oxley have now partnered with SeaKing Group to offer navigation light control systems for the full Oxley range. The system can provide a full range of navigation light programmes delivered within high quality, custom, state of the art displays.  It also features full redundancy of all controllers, power supplies, operator terminals and signals to meet Lloyds Register class approval requirements. 

The system uses internet protocol (IP) throughout allowing easy and flexible integration to existing wiring or external systems via standard network protocols. Adopting this future proof approach protects your investment as shipping moves to automated and more autonomous modes of operation.