NVIS Cockpit Components & Upgrades

NVIS Cockpit Components & Upgrades


  • NVG compatible cockpit lighting
  • NVIS friendly visible lighting prevents blooming of the NVGs
  • Reduced electrical power consumption and through life costs
  • Fit and forget technology


  • Reduced lead times
  • Spares available
  • Off the shelf solution
  • Meets MIL-STD-3009
  • Proven in NATO operations

Further Details

As a world leader in integrated military night vision goggles compatible cockpit and external lighting solutions, Oxley offers upgrade packages which are based on a proven NATO C-130 modification.

Oxley has extensive experience of the C-130 aircraft, supplying Marshall Aerospace with lighting packages for a range of C-130 aircraft across the world.

A typical cockpit modification includes NVG compatible floodlights, instrument pillar lamps and bridges, warning / caution indicators and radar / comms display filters.

This upgrade can also be extended to include all light flow legend panels. For multi-ship operations, the external lighting capability needs to be upgraded. Covert formation lights and Oxley NVG Friendly™ navigation lights are available and operationally proven.

NVIS Friendly navigation lights prevent blooming of the NVGs while remaining visible and fully CAA / FAA compliant.The NVG friendly solution uses LED lighting. No modification to the aircraft wiring is required and the LED technology provides a significant increase in reliability.

LED technology replacements for the existing visible upper fuselage formation lights are also available.

Infrared (IR) covert lighting is available for all lighting positions, tailored to suit customer operational requirements.

The standard modification can be extended to a totally comprehensive upgrade and can include cargo cabin lighting and loading ramp lighting.