Optical Filters

Optical Filters


To achieve NVG compatibility of military equipment, the use of night vision optical filters is essential to remove infrared emissions which would otherwise shut down or bloom the NVGs. Optical filters are also used to adjust colour correction and to improve sunlight readability or contrast enhancement of equipment.


Absorptive Filters

  • These absorb selected wavelengths of light into the filter (i.e. infrared) while the remaining wavelengths are transmitted.


Interference or Dichroic Filters

  • These use interference to both transmit and block specific wavelengths of light. The unwanted light is reflected back out of the filter enabling only the required light to pass through. The interference properties are provided by a thin film coating of alternate layers of high and low refractive index material, applied in-house in our coating facilities.

Anti-Reflective Filters

  • These have a coating that is designed to reduce reflection off the front surface of the glass.


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