Indicator Lamps from Oxley

Oxley manufacture a wide range of lamp products for use inside commercial and military land vehicles, naval vessels and aircraft. Traditionally these products would be used inside the cockpit of an aircraft or control centre of a vehicle, and perform a specific function that would be clear to a pilot or driver.

Like all of Oxley’s lighting solutions, these indicator lamps are designed to be functional, reliable, and easily replaceable once the product has reached the end of its life. Two examples of our robust indicator lamps are the DESC 87019 and DESC 85122 models.

DESC 87019 Approved Indicator Lamps

The DESC 87019 approved indicator lamp has an average lifespan of over 90,000 hours, which makes it a remarkably reliable product that is also robust, given its glass and metal construction. In addition, the product can be easily adapted to show a range of colours, so will suit many different applications and requirements, depending on the vehicle it is installed in. It is also IP68 sealed and meets all requirements for US CECOM Secure Lighting.

DESC 85122 Approved Indicator Lamps

As well as being approved for any DoD projects and as such being classed as a military grade component, the DESC 85122 approved indicator lamp is built to last. It is IP68 sealed, and has an operating and storage temperature of -55° to 100°. If that’s not enough, the glass and aluminium alloy construction mean it can withstand challenging conditions and hostile environments, that are synonymous with military applications.