Marine Deck Lighting

Naval vessels must have the ability to be visible in low light conditions, especially when a ship is caught in poor weather conditions, which is why Oxley have manufactured a suite of Marine Deck Lighting solutions that assist in this function.

These lighting solutions work in harmony with each other so that a ship can be seen from many different angles, and can be recognised by other vessels in the vicinity.

These systems also have the capacity in some instances to be Night Vision Compatible, meaning that they have an instant advantage when employed in a military capacity. They include Deck Status Lights, Deck Edge Lights and Deck Wash Lights, that all perform a vital role in keeping a naval vessel safe from harm.

Deck Status Lights

With an average lifespan of 21,000 hours, the deck status light is designed for military applications and as such has a robust casing that can withstand challenging environments. It is usually installed on flight decks or helipads and can provide an indication of whether it is safe to land. In addition, this product also employs reliable LED technology that ensures lower maintenance time required, as well as reduced power consumption for efficiency.

Deck Edge Lights

Deck Edge Lights are positioned strategically at the edge of a vessels landing zone to inform pilots of where they are able to land. This omni-directional lighting system can show an amber or green light, with a peak intensity of 15 candela. Ideal for naval or marine applications, the deck edge light is also Night vision compatible, so that pilots with goggles are the only ones able to see the lighting clearly.

Deck Wash Lights

This lighting system works as a Floodlight to illuminate the deck surface with visible white light or a night vision compatible green light, ideal for helicopter pilots wanting to land on the vessel. As an alternative to the floodlight, the deck wash light can also be positioned overhead, with a narrower beam angle that adequately illuminates a specific section of the deck.