Commercial aircraft are now being used to such a degree that they are likely to have an exceptionally busy working life, meaning that reliability and safety are paramount in every flight. Oxley manufacture a range of different lighting products for commercial aircraft that not only ensure high visibility whilst in the air but also assist an aeroplane in navigation and landing.

Navigation lighting for commercial aircraft traditionally consists of wingtip lights and tail lights, although the Oxley range of commercial aircraft lighting extends to include taxi lights, commercial aircraft landing lights and ground recognition lights to name a few.

Wingtip Lights

The Oxley Wingtip light is specifically designed for use on commercial aircraft, positioned on the end of the left and right hand wings. Even in low light conditions, the illumination provided by wingtip lights means that the full aircraft is still visible to other aircraft in the sky, and to ground control upon landing.

To differentiate between left and right, the left wingtip light is red and the right is green, ensuring that even if the aircraft is being viewed from far away, the viewer still knows the exact positioning of the craft. The product has excellent resistance to shock and vibration to its aluminium housing, and the LED technology means that there is no requirement to replace bulbs.

Tail Lights

A tail light of a commercial aircraft is a very similar design to the wingtip lights, but instead of green or red, the LED is in aviation white. This differentiation between each point on the aircraft makes it easy for ground crews to pinpoint the position and the direction of an aircraft in extreme weather conditions.

Enquire for Commercial Aircraft Navigation Lights

All of Oxley’s lighting products are specially designed to withstand challenging conditions, and the specifications for a commercial aircraft are no exception. The operational temperature of the tail light is between -55?C and 70?C, which means that even in exceptionally hot or cold weather, the tail light will continue to function. If you would like to know more about our commercial aircraft navigation lights, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today.