Oxley Anti-Collision Lighting

In amongst the suite of lighting solutions that Oxley produce, anti-collision lighting is a mandatory requirement to ensure the safety of any commercial or military aircraft. It means that a pilot can have a visual means of identifying the positioning of other aircraft in the vicinity, or to still visually identify other aircraft in low-light conditions.
The specification and customisation of the anti-collision lighting means that it can be easily adapted to suit both commercial and military applications, including unmanned air vehicles (UAV). The addition of this exceptionally robust lighting system enhances the capabilities of an aircraft, including additional safety precautions that become very useful in dangerous scenarios.

Dual Mode Anti-collision Light (DMAC)

The dual mode version of the Oxley anti-collision light operates in the colours Aviation White and Aviation Red, allowing for a series of flashing patterns to effectively warn of an aircraft’s positioning and to ensure collisions are less likely to occur. They can emit 41 flashes per minute and can also operate in a covert infra-red mode if required, although for commercial purposes an aircraft needs to remain as visual as possible.
Along with being manufactured to withstand extreme conditions, with a rugged frame and reliable LED technology, the DMAC is also very simple to install. Consisting of one connector and four screws, it doesn’t require an additional power supply that would take up extra room.

Tri Mode Anti-collision Light (TMAC)

If the anti-collision lighting system is required for a military aircraft, there is an option to have a Tri mode anti-collision light, that includes an infra-red covert mode in addition to the other two standard modes. Oxley’s expertise in night vision technology means that an aircraft can remain invisible to anyone who is not using night vision goggles, which is ideal in many military scenarios.
In a tri-mode arrangement, the anti-collision lighting can also emit a series of flash patterns, depending on the needs of the pilot or user. The efficiency of the LED technology also saves on weight compared to strobe light equivalents.

Enquire for Anti-Collision Lights

Whether you're in need of an anti-collision light that operates in the colours Aviation White and Aviation Red such as the Dual Mode Anti-collision Light (DMAC) or require anti-collision lighting systems such as the Tri Mode Anti-collision Light (TMAC) for military aircraft, Oxley are sure to provide you with the best lighting systems. For more information, contact us today.