Commercial Aircraft Landing Lights from Oxley

When it comes to designing commercial aircraft, the most important aspect of the whole construction is the safety precautions and more specifically, ensuring the aircraft is clearly visible in the air, and when landing. Oxley manufacture and supply a range of lighting solutions that assist in this requirement, with a suite of options to choose from.
Alongside our range of commercial aircraft navigation lights, anti-collision lights, taxi lights, ground recognition lights, forward floodlights, logo lights, wheel well lights and service & cargo lights, the landing lights play an important part in ensuring the safety of the crew and passengers aboard an aircraft. They indicate the distance from the runway for air traffic control and any crew on the ground, who can relay information to the pilot when they are coming into land.

PAR64 LED Replacement Landing Light

One great example of our commercial aircraft landing light range is the PAR64 LED Replacement Landing Light, which requires no aircraft modification and offers a £1000 saving per annum over sealed beam halogen units. This saving is based on reduced power consumption, as well as a 100-fold increase in operational life. Reliability is one of the key considerations for ensuring that Oxley products have a reduced likelihood of failure when used on commercial aircraft.
With an excellent resistance to shock and vibration, the PAR64 bulb is a vital addition to a commercial aircraft given its reliability, efficiency and peak intensity of 600,000cd, meaning it will be visible even in the most extreme low-light conditions.
For more information on the PAR64 bulb, head over to the product page here.

Visible Next Generation Landing Light

Available in Aviation White, the Visible Next Generation Landing Light is housed in an aluminium casing that has a matt black anodised finish. This design means that it is also resistant to shock and vibration, ensuring it can withstand punishing conditions that commercial aircraft so often encounter.
As well as having a robust shell, the polycarbonate lens allows the high intensity LED light to reach a peak intensity of 400,000cd. Combined with a maximum power consumption of 115w, this product remains exceptionally powerful and energy efficient too.

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