As much as the external lights are important for a military aircraft to navigate, land and be visible to others using night vision technology, there is also a need for internal lighting that will assist the pilot during a flight. Oxley manufacture a range of lighting solutions that ensures visibility for key tasks whilst a jet is in the air, and is they are designed to withstand challenging conditions faced by military personnel.

Alongside the external lighting systems such as navigation lights, taxi lights, anti-collision lights and air refuelling lights, Oxley also provide a cockpit utility light and Gooseneck light for use inside the cockpit of a military aircraft. Despite being of much smaller build, they are both equally vital to the operation of a military aircraft such as a Fast Jet or C-130.

Cockpit Utility Light

This small, lightweight lighting solution is ideal for use inside the cockpit of a military aircraft, and can be easily fitted to new and old aircraft alike. Without compromising the use of night vision in-flight, this lighting product allows the pilot to complete tasks such as map reading and can be fixed in position as a spotlight or used as a hand torch in case of emergencies.

Given that this lighting solution is based on LED technology, it means that the Cockpit Utility light does not need to be maintained during its life-cycle. It is also a rugged product that can cope easily with shock and vibration, making it ideal for military use.


The Gooseneck light is primarily a rugged task light that can be used as a replacement, or in conjunction with the Cockpit Utility light. The white LED light is dimmable, meaning the pilot can adjust the brightness to suit their own personal preference. In addition, the Gooseneck can also be customised to provide a secondary colour, including red, blue and green.

At a weight of 350g and with two neck lengths available, this lighting solution is not only ideal for use in the air, but also for land and naval vehicles too. As standard, the Gooseneck is of rugged build to ensure it can cope with shock and vibration in particularly challenging conditions.

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